Probate Lawyers Perth

Probate Lawyers Perth

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We offer the best assistance of Will probation to all our clients. We have the top probate lawyers Perth has ever had take up all probate-related cases. Our best Wills and probate lawyers Perth, WA provide probate-related assistance in the court under various situations, which include following terms.

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We at Probate Lawyers Perth WA understand that attaining probation of wills of our deceased dear ones is a traumatic procedure. However, it is a necessity for consolidation of deceased estates, affirmation of wills by law and various other legal reasons. To guide you through such a phase, we are here by your side. Contact us now for the best Will probation assistance.

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  • If the Will is defective or missing
  • If the terms of the Will appear uncertain, and where do they appear uncertain
  • When there are concerns about the deceased’s mental state when the Will was made
  • When the executors named in the Will are unable or unwilling to apply for probate to the Court
  • If executors or will administrators are in dispute
  • If the beneficiaries are in dispute over who should be granted letters of administration
  • If the deceased resided overseas or died overseas with assets in Australia.

When to hire a Probate Lawyer

Wills and probate lawyers will help you with the right legal counsel when you are dealing with any kind of inheritance claims or simply contesting a will. Schedule an appointment with our highly qualified team of estate planning lawyers and we will help you with the best possible solution. We can help you in the following situations:

Contesting a will: If you have been unjustly excluded out of a will or feel that you deserved more than what was left for you in a will, you have the right to contest a will. You must satisfy certain eligibility conditions with respect to your relationship with the deceased person for you to contest a will. Our team of deceased estate lawyers will guide you through the entire legal process.

Inheritance claims: When an individual has passed away without leaving a will, his family members can claim for their share of the inheritance. Under the laws, the parties who can claim for an inheritance in such a situation are spouses, former spouses, de facto partners, biological, adopted or stepchildren, grandchildren or even parents.

Enduring power of attorney: A power of attorney lawyer will advise you on the best legal pathway in such a case. A power of attorney can take financial decisions on your behalf when you are not capable of doing so.

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Probate Lawyers Perth

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