How to Make a Will

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Creating a proper legally binding Will is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your family is financially secure, should anything tragic happen to you. Although you can make your own Will, it is advisable to seek help of an experienced lawyer who knows how to make a Will. At Probate Lawyers Perth, we help our clients to solve a plethora of issues regarding Wills and probate.

Factors To Be Considered Before Making Will

Making your Will involves a lot of personal decisions and you must know whom you can trust. Any lawyer who knows how to make a ‘Will’ will tell you about a few basic choices that need to be mulled over whenever you are creating your Will:

  • Executors: This is the most crucial decision as the person you choose as executor will make sure your wishes mentioned in the Will are properly carried out. There are no restrictions as to who you choose as your executor.
  • Validity of a Will: To be legally enforceable and valid in a court of law, there are a few processes that a Will needs to go through. It must be properly signed and the witness must be reliable. There must be no tampering or damage to the physical document too.
  • Review of the Will: If you go through any major event in life such as marriage, divorce or death of a beneficiary, your Will should be reviewed. Make sure you review your Will every few years to ensure your assets are distributed significantly.

If you want to draw up your Will or have any questions regarding the process, call us today at Probate Lawyers Perth to seek advice from our veteran lawyers. Our staff has highly qualified probate lawyers in Perth, WA who can provide professional help with contesting and drawing of Wills.

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