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At Probate Lawyers Perth, we specialize in drawing up letters of administration (LOA) and have long term experience in handling wide range of issues related to Will and probate. If you want to know in detail about is letters of administration, reach us via telephone to have your queries answered.

When are letters of administration granted?
Letters of administration are usually granted to an individual who is a beneficiary of an estate by inheritance when someone has passed away. A letter of administration can only be granted by the Supreme Court of Australia and no other legislative or judiciary body. These agreements are granted when:

  • A person has passed away without any legally enforceable or valid Will
  • The deceased has a Will but failed to appoint an executor
  • The appointed executor has failed to secure the grant of probate or is not willing to apply for it.

A letter of administration can also be obtained in complicated situations such as when the Will has been annexed. Whenever one applies for a letter of administration grant, some important documents need to be submitted as proof. Seeking legal help ensures that the entire application process is dealt smoothly.

Why Choose Us?

At Probate Lawyers Perth, WA we have helped different individuals to apply for and secure their letters of administration. We have the best probate lawyers in Perth who are dedicated to deliver a smooth and hassle-free experience.

We understand the pain that can follow after the death of a loved one and the confusion when making financial decisions that are vital in long term. Contact us at Probate Lawyers Perth if you are facing any issues regarding Wills or want to draw up a letter of administration.

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