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In Australia, the power of attorney agreement allows an individual to make all financial decisions on your behalf. At Probate Lawyers Perth, we can help you find the appropriate person who is qualified and capable of acting as your power of attorney.

How a Power of Attorney arrangement works?
You can appoint someone as your power of attorney if you are mentally incapable of making important decisions or are physically absent in the country. There are different types of power of attorneys but they all have to be at least 18 years old. You can also appoint multiple individuals as your power of attorney who can not only make financial decision but also personal decisions on your behalf. If you have any confusion as to what is power of attorney, call us at Probate Lawyers Perth to get in touch with our experienced lawyers for their advice.

How We Can Help?

As one of the fastest growing Wills and probate law firms in Australia, we will not only find the right power of attorney for you but also make sure that the transition period goes smoothly. Making sure the client is properly getting on with his power of attorney is very important for us to ensure customer satisfaction. There are two types power of attorney agreements you can choose from:

  • Enduring Power of Attorney: This is like a permanent agreement and the appointee will start taking all your financial and personal decisions as soon as you want. This kind of agreement is usually considered when the person has to decline mental or physical health and is not in the proper state of mind to take crucial decisions.
  • General Power of Attorney: A general power of attorney temporarily takes over your decisions when you are indisposed for a certain period. This type of agreement is made when you are temporarily overseas or going through health issues.

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