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Managing probate and decreased estates can be difficult for you without an expert especially when you do not have any legal papers for it. It is important to remember without a probate from the Supreme Court, the Will is not valid or sturdy in legal terms. At Probate Lawyers Perth, we help clients receive probate and draw up enforceable wills.

Importance of Probate grant
When a will receives the probate grant from the Australian Supreme Court, it gives authority to the Will and Executors department to handle the property of the deceased. This means the chances that your wishes mentioned in the Will are carried out properly becomes consolidated. This is because your Will becomes more effective, legally, and resistant enough to deal with contests that may arise in court. Contact us at Probate Lawyers Perth to get your Will be reviewed and make sure it is strong enough to be represented in court.

How we help

Just creating a Will is not enough and having a professional examine guarantees that minor details involved in the paperwork are not overlooked. There are several ways in which we help clients that arise with arranging probate and administration for deceased estates:

  • Interpretation of Wills of a deceased and enforcing them as required
  • Application of probate and making sure you receive it as quickly as possible
  • Obtaining valuations of property and classifying valuable assets and liabilities
  • Ensuring proper sale or transfer of property in estate auctions
  • Defending legally binding Wills in the Supreme Court in the event of a contest
  • Assist executors or trustees to properly manage their duties in the Will

Get in touch with us for further clarification regarding Wills. Avoid legal disputes and family fights that spoil the atmosphere after a loved one passes away by making sure you have a valid Will.

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